1. Download example repository

      git clone https://gitlab.com/chadstack.dev/examples/traefik-proxy.git
  2. Update the next variables with your own custom values

      export CHAD_DOMAIN="your-domain.com"
    export CHAD_TOKEN="your-cloudflare-token"
    export CHAD_EMAIL="your@email.com"
  3. Update the files using the sed command

      cd traefik-proxy
    sed -i "s/example@chadstack.dev/$CHAD_EMAIL/g" env/prod.env
    sed -i "s/example_cf_token/$CHAD_TOKEN/g" env/prod.env
    sed -i "s/chadstack.dev/$CHAD_DOMAIN/g" docker-compose.prod.yml
  4. Start the containers using make or docker compose directly

      make start

Update git remote

First you need to create the project on your GitLab instance and get the clone URL

  export GIT_ORIGIN_URL="https://your-gitlab-instance.com/path/to/project.git"

Update the git origin

  git remote rm origin && git remote add origin $GIT_ORIGIN_URL

Commit and Push

  git add .
git commit -m 'feat: update variables'
git push -u origin master